Ahornbahn Mayrhofen

Ahornbahn in Mayrhofen
Ahornbahn in Mayrhofen

Tours of the Cable Car
For anyone who is interested in the technology behind the biggest cable car in Austria, a tour is offered every Tuesday at 11am.  The tour meets at the valley station of the Ahornbahn. Since the drive system for the lift is all housed at the summit station, you will need to purchase a lift ticket.

Simply enormous...
...there's no other way to describe the gondolas used by the Ahornbahn. They can comfortably carry up to 160 (!) people at a time, which makes it the biggest cable car in Austria. In addition, the entire Ahorn area can be maintained with the aid of snowmaking equipment in winter.

Café Ahornbahn
Whenever there is bad weather, the Ahornbahn is transformed into a floating cafe offering beverages, cakes and lounge music. In that instance, one drink is included in your fare.

Source: mayrhofen.at