Springtime in Mayrhofen / Zillertal

Discover spring's reawakening in the Mayrhofen/Hippach tourism region
Discover spring's reawakening in the Mayrhofen/Hippach tourism region

Springtime gradually awakens our life forces from their winter slumber.  The cold, gloomy days of winter are past.  With those first rays of sunlight also comes a yearning for  fresh, warm air and the fragrances of spring. Snowbells, crocuses and hyacinths pop their heads up out of the ground. Mother Nature sets us a wonderful example.

Discover the reawakening of springtime for yourself in the Mayrhofen/Hippach tourism region and enjoy the beginning of the warm season by spending your vacation here with us.

Alpine landscape in the Zillertal
Enjoyment and relaxation

Summer in the Zillertal

During the summer months, when the white hillsides are again transformed into lush, green alpine pastures, a broad-ranging hiking paradise begins to reveal itself before your eyes.

We offer our guests the perfect formula for their upcoming vacation.  Come to Mayrhofen/Hippach and experience summer in all its rich variety!  Boundless freedom, a pure zest for life, the joy of simply being "you" again - who would have thought summer could be so beautiful! 

In the valley, too, nature serves us up an impressive and diverse summertime world of unforgettable moments, sure to entice each and every guest into their own personal piece of vacation heaven.

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The Zillertal Card

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Every day, one roundtrip ride with your choice of any of our 12 cable cars 
  • Free admission to all 6 outdoor pools (one visit per day)
  • Free use of most public transportation in the region (except the steam train)
  • Admission to the Observatory (+Planetarium) in Königsleiten
  • min. 10% discount with numerous bonus partners in and around the Zillertal

Ahornbahn and Penkenbahn in Mayrhofen

Penkenbahn, Mayrhofen

The summit terminal of the Penkenbahn serves as the trailhead for numerous mountaineering and hiking tours, with a network of over 200km marked and well-maintained trails. With the Penkenbahn and the chair lift, you will have ready access to a broad area of alpine pastures where families and seniors can also set out on leisurely extended hikes.

The Ahornbahn carries you quickly and comfortably to the higher elevations. The Mayrhofen and Hippach aquatic centers promise you a wonderfully refreshing experience.

Zillertaler Alpen Nature Park

Mountain tarn in the Zillertaler Alpen

Within the Nature Park, public roads, helicopter tours and lifts for tourism purposes are all completely taboo.

Since 1991, this high-alpine world, which was previously known under the name "Ziilertaler Hauptkamm", has been  a protected area.  In 2001, it was officially designated a "Nature Park", putting it into a preservation category which is recognized world-wide.

The Nature Park encompasses some 379 km² and ranges in elevation from around 1000m up to 3510m. If you want to hike from one edge of the park to the other, it will probably take you some seven days.

Two-wheeling through the Zillertal

Biking in the Zillertal

Shaded paths through a tranquil alpine valley, past remote high pastures and ages-old farms. Climbs taking you far beyond the tree line.  The snow-covered summits of the 3,000m peaks towering up radiantly in the background. The biking opportunities in Mayrhofen exceed your every expectation - whether you are a mountain-biker or here for a relaxing bike ride with your family.  In total, the Zillertal offers 800 km of cycle paths and mountain-bike trails rising to as high as 2000m above sea level.  Numerous routes are digitized for download to your GPS device, while the Mayrhofen Tourist Office even has GPS equipment available for you to borrow.  Local experts are glad to take you out on guided tours.

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Vertical Adventures

Climbing in Mayrhofen - Zillertal

In the Zillertaler Alpen Nature Park, you will find all kinds of bizarre rock formations and craggy mountainsides, promising pure spine-tingling excitement for every mountaineering fan.

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